Friday, February 16

Breanne Benson and Lexi Swallow having Group Sex

Lexi Swallow joins me, Breanne Benson, in this fun 29 minute gonzo scene. Group sex isn't even the right description of this video... it's more like a total porn clusterfuck, but hey - at least there's a fuck involved! So many people, and only us pornstars know how to kick things off right. The guys got the hint pretty quickly, though, after Lexi and I started sucking every dick we could get our lips on!

Monday, January 8

Breanne Benson Glamour Beauty Fucked Hard

Hardcore Allure #2 brings us this beautiful scene starring Breanne Benson; too pretty for porn but she does it anyway. This statuesque, brunette knockout looks stunning in lingerie and even better out of it! She's absolutely perfect from head to toe and from every angle. Watching her get fucked hard is almost wrong... almost..

Thursday, December 14

Anissa Kate & Breanne Benson & Johnny Sins In My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Breanne Benson is hanging at her older, wealthy boyfriend's apartment with her friend Anissa Kate while he's in New York City on business, when his son Johnny tells her he was thinking of having people over. Breanne is tired of Johnny bugging her to get a job, but Anissa thinks Johnny is hot... so much so that when she tells Breanne she's going to use the bathroom, she doesn't return, only to have Breanne go looking for her and finding her sucking Johnny's big dick! Breanne joins in on the threesome fuckfest action and sucks Johnny's dick, too ... along with Anissa's big natural tits!

Tuesday, November 14

Breanne Benson in Sophia's Mouth

Breanne Benson fans, wait until you see the look on my face in this one! Sophia is here to eat my pussy... and I thought I was ready for it, but holy crap! I needed a break after a while because it was just too intense... so I returned the favor. Soon I'm back on the saddle... and by saddle I mean my clit is back in Sophia's mouth for more of her tongue's tender attention!

Tuesday, September 12

Breanne Benson Is Tonight's Girlfriend

I've never been with a porn star before, so tonight is going to be extra special. Especially because Breanne Benson is going to be in my hotel room and on my cock. She's going to dress in the lingerie I've requested, and she's going to give me what I want: the best night of my life. I'm going to eat her pussy like it's my last meal, and fuck this gorgeous natural like I've never fucked before. I'm going to get my dick sucked by a porn star tonight. Are you?

Tuesday, June 13

Breanne Benson - From Foot Rub to Sex

Breanne Benson fans, I'm about to be a very happy pornstar! Kenny Styles is ''cumming'' to visit me and my naughty feet, not to mention my hungry little pussy! A little attention to my feet is always a good way to turn me on, especially if my mind is already in the gutter. Well, Kenny's just the guy to push that button, and push it right... as well as a few other choice spots he knows how to hit!

Tuesday, May 9

Breanne Benson - Finger Candies

Breanne Benson fans, peek into my kitchen window - because something's definitely getting hot in this oven! I'm moving around the house in my black underwear and bra, for this 15 minute gonzo short. And this isn't just some aimless strut, either... I'm very happy to see the camera, since I really wanted someone to watch me masturbate this wet, naughty, pornstar pussy! I painted my fingernails candy colors, just in case anyone wants to suck them after..